Materials Science 3 - Introduction to Advanced Ceramics

Werkstofftechnik 3 - Einführung Technische Keramik
Keramik V 2 SWS VAK 04-26-KE-002


Knowledge and understanding of crystal structures, bonding, imperfections and the correlation with the functionality of engineered materials. An overview of advanced carbon, oxide, non-oxide, glass and glass-ceramic materials is given and the microstructure to property relations discussed.


  1. Introduction, Applications, Challenges and Goals
  2. Atomic Bonding
  3. Crystal and Glassstructures
  4. Microstructure and Property Relations
  5. Fracture Mechanics of Brittle Materials
  6. Powder Conditioning and Processing
  7. Sintering and Microstructure
  8. Structural Ceramics
  9. Functional Ceramics
  10. Bioceramics
  11. Glass and Glass-Ceramics
  12. Ceramic Matrix Composites
  13. Summary

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