Winter Semester


V 2 SWS ECTS: 3 VAK 04-26-KE-008


Knowledge and understanding of interactions of ceramics with biological systems. Design and fabrication of ceramics for bone tissue engineering, orthopedic implants, biosensors/-reactors. Insights into natural bioceramics such as bone, teeth, sea shells and diatoms.


  1. Introduction, Applications, Challenges, Goals
  2. Basics of Biochemistry
  3. Ceramics at the Biology Interface - Fundamental Interactions
  4. Characterization of Biomolecule Adsorption
  5. Bones and Teeth - Composites of Ceramics and Proteins
  6. Ceramics for Orthopedic and Dental Implants - Alumina and Zirconia
  7. Bioactive ceramics - Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
  8. Diamond and other Ceramic Biomaterials
  9. Drug Delivery using Ceramic Nanoparticles
  10. Principles of Biomineralization
  11. Biomimetic Materials
  12. Summary

Attention: Some slides might be out-dated. No warrentee is given on correctness, completeness and actuality!
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