Summer Semester

Keramische Nanotechnologie I: Grundlagen

(Ceramic Nanotechnology I: Fundamentals)
V 2 SWS  04-M09-MW-003


Knowledge and understanding of the processing, properties and characterization techniques of advanced ceramics fabricated from nano and micro particles.


  1. Introduction – Applications – Challenges
  2. Fundamentals of Colloid and Interface Science
  3. Colloidal Dispersions
  4. Porosity and Capillarity
  5. Particle Interactions in Colloidal Systems
  6. Characterization of Nano- and Microparticles
  7. Rheology of Suspensions I
  8. Rheology of Suspensions II
  9. Sol – Gel Technology
  10. Polymer-derived Ceramics
  11. Ceramic Powders and Sintering
  12. Colloidal processing of structured ceramics
  13. Student presentations: Examples of novel ceramics produced via colloidal processing based on current papers
  14. Summary

  15. Attentio

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