Recent Publications
  1. Alumina Ceramic Textiles as Novel Bacteria-Capturing Wound Dressings.
    Dutta, D., Almeida, R.S.M., Karim, Md.N., Brüggemann, D., Rezwan, K., Maas, M.,
    Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2024
    11(11): p. 2400232 .

  2. Infuence of the 3D architecture and surface roughness of SiOC anodes on bioelectrochemical system performance: a comparative study of freeze-cast, 3D-printed, and tape-cast materials with uniform composition.
    Braun, P.H.dR., Kuchenbuch, A., Toselli, B., Rezwan, K., Harnisch, F., Wilhelm, M.,
    Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 2024
    12(3): p. n/a .

  3. Photocatalytic and antifouling performance of titania-coated alumina membranes produced using a facile sol-gel dip-coating approach.
    Coelho, L.L., Vieira, J.S., Hissanaga, A.M., Rosseti, M., Wilhelm, M., Hotza, D., Moreira, F.P.M.R.,
    Environmental Technology, 2023
    44(n/a): p. 1-16 .

  4. Gold Nanoparticle-Coated Bioceramics for Plasmonically Enhanced Molecule Detection via Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering.
    Guo, T., Schmidt, J., Murshed, M.M., Rezwan, K., Maas, M.,
    Advanced Engineering Materials, 2023
    25(21): p. 2300942 .

  5. Selective Nitridation of Ceramic Open Cell Foams for Efficient Photothermal Heating.
    Oyedepo, O.G., Rezwan, K., Maas, M.,
    Advanced Materials Technologies, 2023
    8(24): p. 2301224 .

  6. Quantitative analysis of colloid retention and pore fluid flow in monolithic, open-porous media by X-ray computed microtomography and magnetic resonance velocimetry.
    Ilzig, T., Ricke, A., Siebert, J.M.U., Wilhelm, M., Dreher, W. Odenbach, S.
    Chemical Engineering Science, 2024
    283(n/a): p. 119299 .

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to the Advanced Ceramics group at the University of Bremen:

Our research areas

We investigate, develop and engineer advanced ceramic materials for applications in the areas of biomaterials engineering, environmental engineering, energy harvesting devices and aerospace. Advanced ceramic materials feature a variety of superior properties such as hardness, wear-, corrosion- and high temperature resistance. Our group's current research interests focus on:

  • Novel Processing Routes for Biofunctional Ceramics
  • Precursor derived Ceramics and Ceramers
  • Functionalization and Assembly of Ceramic Nanoparticles
  • Advanced Ceramic Composites

Find out more about our current projects in the research section. We are always looking for collaborations; please contact us if you are interested. Currently we have open positions, please check for more details.

Take part in research

Interested in a master, bachelor, or diploma thesis topic in one of our research areas? We constantly offer challenging topics to work on. If you have a proposal for a topic yourself or an industry partner with whom you want to work together, you are welcome to discuss this with us. See here for open student projects.

About the Institute

Founded in 1994 as an endowment chair, the “Ceramics” chair was headed by Prof. Grathwohl till 2009 before retirement. Hereafter, in October 2009, this chair was merged together with the “Bioceramics” group which was a Juniorprofessorship position held by Prof. Rezwan since 2006. After the successful merging of both chairs, the new chair is now called “Advanced Ceramics” with Prof. Rezwan being in charge.